Miranda Capital Partners (MCP) —formerly Evolvere Capital Venezuela— is the first alternative assets management firm based in Caracas, Venezuela. Founded in 2014, MCP is an independent sponsor and pioneer in Venezuela’s emerging private equity sector and majority-owned by the executive management team.  


MCP has a strategic alliance with the shareholders of a 65-year-old domestic financial group to exchange our joint considerable knowledge of the Venezuelan business landscape.


Miranda Capital Partners is currently focused on the acquisition of mission-critical or export-oriented businesses that have strong, sustainable, competitive advantages and significant growth opportunities for value creation —despite a complex operational environment and without considering regime change. MCP’s strategy is to acquire a controlling interest in target companies and invest equity for growth.



Miranda Capital Partners has executed full buyouts in 4 companies through club deals and is currently expanding its scope into new tactical opportunities.


MCP strives to leverage its partners’ proven track-record of value creation and over 175 years of collective experience as private equity investors, senior operators, industrial portfolio managers, entrepreneurs, and financial advisors to generate significant value to investors and portfolio companies, adhering to the highest ethical principles and standards of excellence.